Tuesday 29 May 2018

Introducing the National Flash Fiction Anthology 2018

We're absolutely thrilled to be able to share the title of this year's National Flash Fiction Day anthology, along with our full line-up!

This year's title is borrowed from a stunning and moving flash fiction by Alicia Bakewell. 

The cover will be revealed in the near future, and below you can read the full line-up of authors who'll feature in this year's anthology! We can't wait to share all of these stories with you!

Ripening: National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2018

Alison PowellHave Your Cake
Joanna CampbellGingerbread
Abi HynesHow to Eat a Grape
Helen RyeMe ‘N’ Claudz Of A Friday Night Down The Chippy And The Oasis Bar
Kymm CovenyPopcorn
Anna RymerEight Weeks Old
Tim StevensonNot for the Body
Sharon TelferCaramel Baby
Damhnait MonaghanHabits
Nan WigingtonFamous Last Meals
Leonora DesarThe Hot Fudge Lady
Deborah MeltvedtFarmer's Market
Sara ChansarkarMango Pulp
E. P. ChiewFor the Love of a Bagel
Emily DevaneThe Apple Seekers
Kevlin HenneyNo Carbonara
Olga WojtasScottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Emma HardingSay It with a Cake
Sarah EvansThe Word Eater
Sylvia PetterOysters
H Anthony HildebrandEwei
Megan GiddingsMilk and Eggs
FJ MorrisThe Root of It
A. E. WeisgerberKnoxville
Sophie van LlewynHi, Dad, How've You Been?
Philip CharterThe Change
Claire PoldersA Tasting of European Chefs
Jude HigginsThe Ways of the Flesh
Nancy StohlmanThe Pilgrimage 
Christopher M DrewA Turn of the Tide
Erica Plouffe LazureThe Italic
Alicia BakewellRipening
Judy DarleyCornish Gold
Laura PearsonNot Love, Not Carbohydrates
Gay DeganiTroy Mills
Calum KerrCooking on Gas
Anne SummerfieldOnly Now Can I Think of All The Things I Should Have Said
Sal PageA Fifteen Stone Woman, with a Six Stone Daughter Who Will Not Eat, Writes Shopping Lists
Rachael DunlopBorder Line
J. E. KennedyAn Offering
Angela ReadmanAttack of the Robot Grannies
TM UpchurchPlum Skin
Nuala O'ConnorSponge
Diane SimmonsA Picnic in the Park
Stephanie HuttonNourishment
Robert ScotellaroThe Polygamist's Three Wives
Ros WoolnerMake a Wish
Gemma GovierBass Drums and Trumpets for Tea
Ingrid JendrzejewskiOn the Wabash
Frankie McMillanThe Happy Eggs from Podomosky
Meg PokrassCulinary
Nadia StoneYaya's Pips
David CookThe Shock Of The New Breakfasts
Jacqueline SavilleIt's Not Her
Jan KaneenSour
Santino PrinziNonni
Charlotte W├╝hrerShipwreck Feast
KM ElkesLate Blackberries
Poppy O'NeillThe Creator is Disturbed at Her Vanity by the Cries of Mankind
Christopher AllenSamuel is Mango
Ioanna MavrouWeekends in Waianae
Jennifer HarveyThirteen
Tara LaskowskiGoodnight Mush

Micro Competition Winners
Fiona J. MackintoshThe Birth of the Baptist
Charmaine WilkersonPull
Rachael DunlopA Nice Bit of Linoleum
Lisa FerrantiFifth Grade
Amanda O'CallaghanDeath of a Friend
Catherine EdmundsForgetting, Remembering
Rebecca FieldThings I Never Saw Again After You Dumped Me By Text Message
Alan Beard1990
Elaine DillonLouise
Anita GoveasWhite Lies

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