Friday, 9 May 2014

Bulletin 09/05/2014

Well, hello there! 

Hope you're having a sunny day today, and looking forward to the summer and to the 3rd National Flash-Fiction Day on 21st June.

We have some updates for you today on our anthology, some competitions, some events, and some other opportunities. But to start off, I want to point out to you that it's now just 6 weeks until the big day, so if you are planning something, it's time to get the details to us so we can spread the word and get you as much attention as possible. All details, questions, suggestions etc. to us here at this address, and we'll try and get back to you as soon as we can. 

Okay, with that said, let's start with our anthology. We are accepting submissions until 18th May, stories should be 500 words maximum and on the subject of 'the senses' however you might like to interpret that. All selected contributors will receive a free print copy of the book. Full details are at and it would be extremely helpful if you could spread the word and keep spreading it up to the deadline, so we can get as many great stories as possible and make this year's book as exciting as Jawbreakers and Scraps

As promised, we also have some competitions and opportunities for you:

Winchester Writers' Festival is running a whole host of competitions, including a flash-fiction one being judged by yours truly. The closing date is 16th May. Full details at

The Twisted Tales collection is running again ( looking for stories between 350 and 750 words, with a closing date of 23rd June. 

And if you happen to be in New Zealand, they are running a competition for their NFFD at

Not a competition, but Brilliant Flash Fiction Mag are looking for your stories over at

And, in a turn around, we have someone looking for an opportunity which you might be able to help with. Australian Flash-Fictioneer Richard Holt will be in the UK for the day this year. He has created a flash-fiction video piece (titled 'Flashing the Square') and is wondering about the possibility of somewhere with public screens being willing to show it on the day. So if you can help, or know someone who can, please get in touch with us and we'll put you through to Richard.

On the day, we currently have two events being organised:

Oxford - Albion Beatnik Bookshop are hosting an evening reading event, organised by Virginia Moffat. More details from her at

And we are once again having our main event in Bristol. More details to follow once we have them, but if you can make it, it would be great to see you there.

And, while I'm on, other flash-fiction things you might be interested in:

I will be doing a workshop at Wigan Literary Festival on 24th May - followed by a panel on getting your work out there. Details at

Plus I will be doing a workshop as part of the Winchester Writers' Festival on the day after NFFD. Details at

And that's it for the moment. So, if you have news for us, or questions, then please get in touch. Otherwise, please spread the word about the anthology and our events, and let's make this year's NFFD another great success.

All the best

Calum Kerr
Director, National Flash-Fiction Day

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