Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Guest Blog: 3hundredand65 - Graphic Flash

[A flash-graphic novel? Whoever heard of such a thing?! David Kirkwood, that's who...]

Sit down. I'd like to tell you a story. The only thing is, this one will take a whole year to tell.

We're calling it the 3hundredand65 project and it is a story told day by day, tweet by tweet, writer by writer.

So far, it's lovely and delightful, scary and intriguing. We've no idea what it will be like tomorrow. That's because each day, a new writer takes over and tweets the next stage in the story. 140 characters to move things along a bit and keep people reading. And each day, that Tweet is turned into an illustration by Dave Kirkwood - the chap whose idea this whole thing was to start with.

The writers are all volunteers. Anybody can put their hand in the air and pick a date which they would like Tweet on. Those dates are going fast so prospective writers have to check the calendar on the official site. Then they just send a Tweet to @3hundredand65 and put in a request. In total there will be 365 writers with one (@jake74) Tweeting twice. Because he went first so it's only proper that he goes last.

You can view the site here http://www.3hundredand65.co.uk/ and keep on top of how the story progresses.

So why are we doing this? Apart from the fact that stories are great, of course?

3hundredand65 is being done to raise awareness and money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. We want people to give money so they can continue the excellent work they do.

To help that, the site offers easy links to quickly donate (http://www.teenagecancertrust.org/get-involved/as-a-fundraiser/fundraisers/3hundredand65/) and we are also auctioning off the 12 original notebooks which, at the end of the year, will tell the full story. Bidding starts at £120, the cost of these beautiful books which are 300x210mm, hard bound with 200g/m2 top quality, acid-free paper. And if people want to commission any original, signed drawings of the characters then we'll do that too.

Stories really are great. They can inspire lives. We want to use ours to save them.