Sunday, 11 March 2018

Deadlines for this Year's Micro-Competition and Food Anthology are Fast Approaching!

Submissions for National Flash Fiction Day 2018 are now open, but the deadlines are coming up fast! 

You have until Saturday 17th March 2018 to send us up to three micro fictions on any theme for our Micro fiction competition. That's less than a week left! These must be 100 words or fewer. More details about the micro competition are here:

Our 2018 anthology submissions are now open too, and we hope you're hungry! From now until Saturday 31st March 2018, you can send us up to three 500-word on this year's theme: Food! The anthology will be edited by award-winning writer, Alison Powell, and National Flash Fiction Day Co-Director, Santino Prinzi. Your stories must be 500 words or fewer. 

We're looking for stories inspired by and about whatever's on your plate. We're ready to salivate over your sentences, to savour the subtle flavours of your subtext, to devour your delicious dialogue. Sweet, sour, savoury, sharp, tangy, rich, or rotten. Serve us up some scrumptious tales and tantalising treats with tasty twists. Are we all becoming too healthy? Or is suet the main dish of the day? Has a friendship been ruined by raw chocolate? We're looking for full-fat, jam-packed flash fiction with an aftertaste we won't forget. Feel free to interpret the theme of "food" however you wish, but your flashes must fit the theme in some way. 

More details about the anthology are here:

We can't wait to read your flashes!