Tuesday, 18 June 2013

'Still Got It' by Helena Mallett

She looks in the mirror.  She’s lied slightly about her age. He probably has too. They all do.

Is pink too brash?  Is black too sober?  She wonders what he’s like. He sounded nice online.

She’ll straighten her hair and go for the blue.  Oh, and the killer high heels and new red lipstick. That’ll do the trick.

He simply throws on old, faded chinos, with his favourite shirt and thinks, ‘Yeah, still got it.’

75 word biography:
Helena Mallett is a regular contributor of 75 word stories to Richard Hearn's daily Paragraph Planet.
She has a 100 word story ‘Death and Life’ included in the anthology of Micro-Fiction ‘Pod’ published by Leaf Books in 2011.
Her first collection of Flash Fiction is 75 x 75 = Flash Fraction which tells 75 stories each captured in exactly 75 words.
Helena is a Londoner currently living in the rolling hills of wild West Wales.

(More information at www.helenamallett.com)

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