Wednesday, 11 April 2012

NFFD - Bulletin 5

Dear All,

Well, is it just me, or is 16th May starting to look really close? Only 5 weeks to go!

And, with the day drawing closer, things are hotting up. We have lots of new events online since the last bulletin, plus more in the pipeline that will go up in the next weeks. Yesterday saw the close of submissions for our anthology which will be going to press very soon, and we have started to appear in the press and on the radio. It's all very, very exciting and I need to thank all of you for your hard work so far.

But it doesn't stop there! Here are some of the things going on and ways you can continue to help:

  • Yesterday, flash-fictioneer Deborah Rickard was interviewed on Radio Bristol about the day and what's going on in the area. ( you can listen at from about 1.53.30). If you are organising an event, taking part in an event, or just as excited as we are about the Day, why not drop your local station a line and go and tell the world?
  • The Guardian, on the 14th May, will be publishing an article by David Gaffney to promote the day. They will be listing our events. So, don't forget to let us know what's happening so we can add you to the list. (And if you don't have anything happening, there's still time to set something up!)
  • We have launched some new projects for the Day. There is the on-going project, Flashpoints ( ), which asks you to go to a place, write a story, and leave it there. And now we have unveiled plans for an International Write-In ( ) to happen on the Day itself. Please do get involved with these, and spread the word to all and sundry.
  • Along with this bulletin we have started to publish Guest Posts on our blog. We will be inviting a range of people to write for it, but if you have something you want to share, please drop us a line!
  • And finally, don't forget there are still competitions on-going with a range of deadlines. ( ) And we are pleased to announce that the top-three winners in all of the competitions will end up in a special e-book anthology published by NFFD.

And I think that's about it for now. We will be publishing this Bulletin weekly from now on, right up to the day (and beyond, maybe!) so stay tuned for more exciting happenings. And, if you have some news we need to share, drop us a line at and we'll spread the word for you.

In the meantime, make sure you have liked our page on Facebook ( and that you follow us on Twitter (@nationalflashfd) and please spread the word to your friends and followers to do the same.

Thank, as ever, for your support with the day.
Until next time, happy flashing!
Calum Kerr
Director, National Flash-Fiction Day 2012

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