Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NFFD Anthology 2013

Hello everyone!

Well, it has been very, very difficult to make a decision, but Holly Howitt and myself finally managed to whittle down the nearly 300 submissions for this year's anthology to the final 50.

With no more fanfare, the names and stories are:

Amanda Oosthuizen - ‘Perfectly Black Sky’
Amanda Quinn - ‘Changing Light’
Ana Martinez - ‘The Veronicas’
Ariel Dawn - ‘Life Drawing’
Bart Van Goethem - ‘The Meaning of Life’
Becky Tipper - ‘The Art of the TV Chefs’
Beverly C. Lucey - ‘Peppermint Just the One’
Brendan Way - ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love’
C Norman - ‘The Lonely Heart’
Cathy Bryant  - ‘The Man with Hands Amid the Rich Tea’
Cathy Lennon - ‘A Forest of Hands’
Chris Connolly  - ‘Q&A’
Claire Collison - ‘Second Look: Goat With Lawnmower’
Claire Ibarra - ‘Scraps’
Clare Kirwan - ‘Finding Trainspotting’
Dan Powell - ‘Her 12 Faces’
Danielle McLaughlin - ‘The Woman in the Bowl’
David Gullen - ‘The Spade’
Diane Simmons - ‘Images’
Eabha Rose - ‘The Elephant Is Contagious’
Emma J. Lannie - ‘Annie’
Emma Shaw - ‘Shadows’
Freya Morris - ‘Feed a Fever’
H Anthony Hildebrand - ‘The Paper Oak’
Ian Shine - ‘www.medicaldictionaryforthewoundedheart.com/gonorrhoea’
J Adamthwaite - ‘Coffee’
James Coates - ‘Aspirations to Anonymity’
Jim O'Loughlin - ‘Celery’
Joanna Campbell - ‘Bright New Morning’
John Keating - ‘Vigil (After Bruno Schulz)’
John Paul O’Neill - ‘Autumn ‘
Judy Darley  - ‘Quench’
Kylie Grant - ‘Elsie Manor’
L.A. Craig - ‘Shoe Fly Baby’
Mark Kockelbergh - ‘Orpheus In The Underground’
Natalie Bowers - ‘Broom’
Paul Kavanagh  - ‘Religion’
R A Martens - ‘Omelettes’
Rachael Kealy - ‘Exile’
Sam Russell - ‘A Canvas Darkly’
Shelley Day Sclater - ‘In a Moment’
Siobhán McNamara - ‘Slipping’
Sonya Oldwin - ‘Orange ‘
Stella Turner - ‘Penitence   ’
Stephen McGeagh - ‘#’
Thaddeus Howze - ‘The Warden’
Thomas McColl - ‘Takeaway Poetry Joint’
Tim Stevenson - ‘The Almond Crumb Sofa’

Tracey Upchurch - ‘Rose Petal Eyes’

And each one is a little gem!

These will be appearing alongside stories commissioned from Jenn Ashworth, Tania Hershman, Jonathan Pinnock, Kevlin Henney, Vanessa Gebbie, Sarah Hilary, David Hartley, Alison Wells, Nuala Ní Chonchúir and Amy Mackelden, as well myself and Holly. 

We are currently working on a title for the book, and starting the typesetting process so that we can have the book ready for National Flash-Fiction Day on 22nd June. It will be available in print and Kindle formats. So, stay tuned for more information as we have it.

Thanks to all those who submitted, and sorry that we couldn't include more of you. 

All best
Calum Kerr - Editor and Director of National Flash-Fiction Day


  1. Congrats to everyone and thanks to yourself and Holly for reading us all anyway!! :):)

  2. You're welcome, Mari. It was a pleasure!

  3. well done to everyone included. It was my first time to enter for anything like this. I'll keep going :)

  4. Fun to enter and looking forward to reading the stories chosen as the best of the 300 - I was impressed at how quickly the results were in. I like Flash Fiction and will keep trying. Best wishes to everyone who entered and especially those chosen to appear in print.