Tuesday, 16 June 2015

National Flash-Fiction Day Anthology 2015

Well, it's been a tortuous job to winnow the 200+ submission down to our selection, but Angi Holden and myself have finally managed it. And so we are pleased to announce that the stories in this years anthology will be as follows:

A Curious State of Affairs  by  Ingrid Jendrzejewski
A Secret Weight  by  KM Elkes
Bad Geography  by  James Coates
Colouring In  by  Shirley Golden
Coming Back to Primorsk  by  Anna Nazarova-Evans
Countdown  by  Susan Howe
Devil's Mountain  by  Joanna Campbell
Dinner and Geography  by  Keith Gillison
Disputed Zone  by  Barbara Leahy
Double Geography  by  Jane Cooper
Forty Seconds  by  Katie Stevens
How The Earth Began  by    Jenny Woodhouse
Her geography    by  Rob Walton
Holiday Photograph  by  Else Fitzgerald
I Am Maps*  by  H Anthony Hildebrand
Keeping in touch  by  Amanda Quinn
Landmarks  by  Ian Shine
London  by  Tracey Upchurch
Love  by  Nik Perring
North  by   Michelle Elvy
On Location  by  Jon Volkmer
On the Beach  by  Kate Mahony
Pen Y Fan  by  Susan Carey (Angela Williams)
Petty Larceny at the Grocery  by  Beverly C. Lucey
Postcards  by  Mike Scott Thomson
Re:Help  by  Sandra Kohls
Saharan Shades  by  Santino Prinzi
Spinning the Bottle  by  Timothy Mark Roberts
Sweet Gestures  by  Chris Stanley
The Beautiful Game  by  Sonya Oldwin
The Blue House  by  Cath Barton
The Gambler  by  Richard Holt
The Next Island  by  Jamie Hubner
The Owner  by  Bart Van Goethem
The Psychiatrist's Shoe  by  Nod Ghosh
Toy Soldier  by  Pauline Masurel
Tunnels  by  Marie Gethins
Tunnels  by  Isobel Victoria Newham (Vicky)
Useless Without The Other Half  by  Vanessa Savage
Wall Map  by  Emeline Morin
Welcome to All Souls’ Park  by  Gemma Govier
Who Can Hear The Screaming  by  Kirsten Anne McKenzie
Would It Kill You to Smile, Blanca Gomez?  by  Nuala NĂ­ ChonchĂșir
You Promised  by  Cath Bore
Love in Different Time Zones  by  Jane Roberts
A Place in Time   by  Ruth Doris
Five Travellers in a Small Ford   by  James Norcliffe
Scattered (After Mike Blow's Aeolus)   by  Emily Koch
The Somewhere Road  by  Alex Reece Abbott
Third Shadow  by  Tim Stevenson
Hilary Is the Winters of Keith's Discontent  by  Kevlin
We Endure  by  Cathy Lennon
How Can I Get You to Dance?  by  Angela Readman
Ultima Thule  by  Jonathan Pinnock
Travels in Ink  by  Angi Holden
Your Body Is Terrain They Can Map Now (Not That That Helps You, Much)  by  Amy Mackelden
A Face in the Crowd  by  Calum Kerr
Saddle Stitch  by  Michelle Keefe
I am East  by  Sarah Hilary
Fingers Crossed  by  SJI Holliday
Fable  by  Oli Morris

With the winning and commended titles from the Micro-Fiction Competition:

Fly  by  Rob Walton
i want someone who loves me so much they don't care about grammar  by  Laura Tansley
A Weekend Away  by  Diane Simmons
The Pacifist  by  Nick Triplow
Marks and Sparks  by  Ian Shine
Spreading The Chaos  by  Mark Newman
A History Of Ants In The Sugar Bowl  by  Julie Sawyer
Maturity  by  Jude Higgins
Stiff  by  Joanna Campbell
And A Bottle Of Rum  by  Garreth Wilcock

Congratulations to all who made it in. Commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. 

We are currently working on the title and the cover, and those will be announced as soon as can be!

Thanks to all who took part, to Angi for helping to select the stories, and to Amy and Tino for their amazing work.

More soon...

Calum Kerr
Director of NFFD


  1. Thank you for organising a fantastic competition and for all the work you do to produce the anthology. Looking forward to reading it - and congratulations to everyone.

  2. Thanks very much for organising this! Will be my first piece of published fiction, so thanks for picking my story. Well done everyone

  3. Thanks for all the hard work and look forward to reading and promoting it!

  4. An amazing opportunity to read stories of such quality and diversity. Congratulations to all whose work has been selected and many thanks to everyone who submitted. Can't wait to see the anthology!
    High fives to Calum for all his hard work organising both the NFFD 2015 Anthology and the Micro-Fiction Competition.