Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Day Has Finally Arrived!!

Well, we have had so many activities in the run up to today that this almost feels like an anti-climax...

Almost! But not quite!!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to National Flash-Fiction Day. This is what you have all been working towards, and I need to start by sending out a big thank you to each and every one of you for helping to make this day happen.

Lots will be going on today including :-
The FlashFlood journal pouring stories over you all day
The Write-in online from 11am till 3pm
FlashTag flash-mobbing in Manchester all day
Workshops in Trowbridge and Derby
Free e-books for your Kindle for 24 hours from 7am (including Jawbreakers!)
The official launch of the day and the book in Southampton at 6.30 this evening

And, of course, all across the country, from Edinburgh to Brighton, Cardiff to Leeds, there will be event after glorious event, all listed here:

Personally, I'm starting the day on the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show where they are going to give me a prompt to write a story live on air (eek!), then off to Winchester Uni for the physical part of the write-in, then back to Southampton for the launch with Vanessa Gebbie, Holly Howitt, Sara Crowley, Natalie Bowers and chums. But in-between all that, I hope to keep up with you online and (now and again) in person.

Thank you so much for pulling together and making this one (tired) man's dream come true!

Now, get out there and make me proud.
Happy Flash-Fiction Day to you all!!

Calum Kerr
Director, National Flash-Fiction Day 2012.


  1. Well, the first event HAS HAPPENED. Flash Fiction Eve in Shrewsbury was a huge success with a coffeehouse full of people, young & old alike, some friends, some who'd never met before, bringing along their flash fiction, writing stories together all over tablecloths, dragging them up to the Open Mic and reading them out - it was great. Keep an eye out for the film of the event, which is on its way

  2. Well done, Calum! Your hard work is much appreciated.

  3. Thank you Calum- amazing how much you've done. Enjoy!

  4. Thank you so much for giving so many of us the chance to be part of such a great event. You've done an amazing job!

  5. I posted a flash piece on my blog to commemorate. I didn't think it was good enough to post on your site. Thanks for allowing international aspirants to participate.